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Distinct Educational Approach


Students experience a creative environment that fosters and promotes open opportunities for them to pursue their unique interests. This approach nurtures the individual gifts that each child brings to the school while helping them grow socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.

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Every student receives a classical education designed to lay the essential building blocks for a strong educational foundation that leads to long-term learning success. Core subjects include reading, writing, history, math, and science.


Our caring and dedicated staff provides a loving and joyful environment that fosters a contagious passion for learning. We seek to instill a love for learning that not only propels students to success in their future educational endeavors, but also endures throughout the rest of their life.

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Educational Environments

Ages 0-3 (with parent)
Ages 3-6 (3-year-old preschool – Kindergarten)
Lower Elementary
Ages 6-9 (1st -3rd grade)*
Upper Elementary
Ages 9-12 (3rd -5th grade)

*Children ages 8-9 or in 3rd-grade transition from Montessori to Classical content.

and Half Day

Our Infant-Toddler environment is offered daily each morning as a preparatory environment for children, an enrichment opportunity for parents, and additional childcare support for staff and volunteers.

Full Day Five Days a Week

Lower Elementary
Upper Elementary

Half Day Mornings, Five Days a Week

Primary Montessori


We approach admissions to Divine Mercy Academy in a unique, three-phase process.


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  • Discernment

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