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Partnering with Parents

About Divine Mercy Academy


We believe...

an authentically Catholic education should be available and accessible to families.

As part of the Catholic Identity of the school, Divine Mercy Academy does not use a traditional tuition-based funding model, rather we rely on the support of our community parishes, benefactors, and the investment of our families.

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Family Investment and Involvement

The investment of our families is a critical component of a healthy school environment, and we realize that the way investment is made will be different for each family. We cannot operate without the support, mutual commitment, and active participation of all our families. As part of the admissions process, an in-person family meeting is conducted where families are actively invited into the school mission through gifts of time, talents, and treasure. Families, in charitable stewardship, respond with generosity and gratitude.


By giving of their time to the school, parents are filling a vital need for the school. Giving of time might include being a teacher, assistant, leading activities, providing supervision, and more. Also, by giving of their time, in and for the school, parents get to be active participants and fixtures in the school day, creating a richly committed environment where parents are vibrant members.


Our families are talented and often choose to use those professional or personal skills for the benefit of the school. These gifts may include administrative, teaching, maintenance, networking, marketing, and more. Again, sharing in the gifts we have been given elevates the whole school while offering parents a creative and productive outlet.


Families are also invited to give of their treasure in monetary gifts as benefactors to
the school. The practical needs of the school cannot be overlooked and the quality of
our staff, materials, and home needs this support.

All families are encouraged and invited to become benefactors in these three areas, in a combination that is suitable to their family. Each family meets with a school representative for a family meeting upon admission. At this meeting, the ways to give are fleshed out in more detail with intentionality and families are asked to discern what they can give.

Immediate and ongoing opportunities are communicated with families throughout the school year as needs arise.

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We encourage...

and promote parental involvement while we seek to honor and support their role as primary caregivers.

We honor parents as primary caregivers and educators as we nurture intentional relationships with our families so that all feel like important members of the school community. We encourage parental presence in the school, engage in close parent/teacher communication, and emphasize a collaborative approach with families in the education of their children.


We are devoted...

to children with special needs, which creates a uniquely diverse and compassion-driven educational experience for all students.

Our staff is passionate about demonstrating the love of God to each child. To that end, we elevate the dignity of every child and intentionally demonstrate and teach that virtue to every student.

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