Photo of a student praying with her hands folded

Faith is our Foundation


We believe...

in providing a Christ-centered sanctuary of education where school, family, and Church work in unison.

We look at the child and see the merciful face of Christ. His mercy will transform souls.  Through free abandonment and trust in Christ, each staff member and student will learn and practice the virtues we are called by Him to live. Our sanctuary of education is directed and driven by trust in Christ.

Photo of a teacher smiling at a student, pointing at something in a school textbook
Photo of a school student highlighting a verse in their Bible


We believe...

In creating and sustaining an educational environment for children authentically rooted in the Catholic Faith.

We love the Church. We are the Church. As an independent Catholic academy, we want to serve the church by providing a mission that serves families and faithfully represents the values and virtues of our Catholic faith through the Liturgy, Scripture, Prayer, and the Sacraments.


We believe...

We are called to train up children who will become ambassadors of God’s mercy in their Church, their community, and the world.

We want to see our children grow, thrive, and become active members of their communities and parishes because they know they are infinitely loved and they have the tools and virtues to live well. In planting the seeds of a transformative Catholic education, we believe students can transform their communities and the world.

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